Fire Shutters

Our certificated fire shutters can be used on many applications such as bin storage areas as above. 


Our fire roller shutters are manual operation with a fusible link. Our 4 hour electric single phase fire shutters roll up into a 300 x 300 box. These are ideal for canteens and receptions and have the facilities for instruction from the fire alarm system.

They are key operation and can be used as a security shutter. We also have a control panel with the facility that can be set to the time required for the fire shutter to fall after the fire alarm instruction. Also with a facility to be able to re-raise the fire shutter if required via a red push button.

Full Temperature

Fire shutter 3.5 hours into test.

After 4 Hours

Certificate issued to BS END 1634-1: 2008 standards to Contact Roller Shutters Ltd by Exova, Warringtonfire.

Fire shutters fitted at a school in Enfield on their canteen.

These fire shutters are powder coated with control panels to accept the fire alarm instruction.

Industrial fire shutter fitted in Bestway warehouse in Coventry.

To the right are kitchen fire shutters fitted in the Bloomberg building in London.

Certificated fire shutter fitted in a factory canteen in Dartford. 

If you are worried about the cost of running your fire alarms to a new fire shutter, we can offer a heat detector unit instead which allows you to still have a single phase electric fire shutter. The heat detector detects fire at 57° Celsius and will allow the fire shutter to close automatically in the event of a fire. Please inquire if you are interested in our fire shutters.


FIRE SHUTTER MAINTENANCE – We repair and offer a six monthly maintenance on fire shutters including drop fire tests.

Fire shutters play an essential part in your buildings health and safety by preventing fire spreading between areas. It is essential to have fire shutters maintained to ensure good working order and your building insurance. 

Contact us for more information about our fire shutters and fire shutter repairs.