Insulated Shutters

SIMPLICITY, RELIABILITY, HEAT RETAIN & SMOOTH OPERATION – the new insulated shutter by Contact Roller Shutters Ltd. 

We offer a variety of insulated roller shutters for your premises. If you are looking for a domestic home garage shutter, please click here: Domestic Shutters.

Our insulated shutters are designed specifically for heat retain and are ideal for the food industry due to the tight construction preventing rodent entry. 


Fantastic reviews from blue-chip companies following installations.

95mm Insulated Shutters

The below insulated shutters have been fitted at food and pharmaceutical factories due to the tight seal against rodents and the heat retain of the lathes. They can be fitted with a 24rpm or inverter motor to allow fast access into and out of your factory, and the ability to operate at various speeds. With full safety devices fitted and comes with various operation options to suit your requirements.

Use of plastisol coated steel ensures long lifespan and very good antiscratch/wear properties. The design of the lath ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than other two piece laths, which is good news for applications where space is limited. An independent thermal assessment has given this door a U Value of 1.4 W/m²•K.

This 95mm insulated shutter will reduce your factory heating bills. Perfect for the food industry in chiller and freezer rooms and provides rodent protection due to the tight seal within the guides.

95mm Insulated Warehouse Shutter
95mm 24rpm Cambridge Shutter
95mm Insulated Shutter – 3 Phase

100mm Insulated Shutters

Featuring an insulation in-fill designed to easily slide in to the interlocking twin wall construction of the lath, the 100mm insulath helps stabilise interior temperatures, keeping them at a constant warm or cool, irrespective of external weather conditions. The ideal shutter door solution for all locations and seasons, it also brings energy efficiency benefits due to the  thermal value of 0.69W/m2K, minimising heat loss and lowering energy usage and bills. Noise escape and ingress are also minimised since insulath doors have an acoustic value of 18dB(A). These insulated shutters can be plastisol coated or powder coated to a colour of your choice.