Steel Doors


Push pad steel doors, fire exit doors, fire doors or computer room steel doors. These doors and frames are strong and do the job due to their 10 point locking system, guaranteeing the optimum in security.

If you are worried that your back door or old wooden door is rotting, we would definitely advise one of of our steel doors. These come with either grey primer, or a powder coated finish in a colour of your choice.

Our high security steel doors incorporate a unique “A.B.C.” locking system, (the “A” keys are used by the installation team), when keys B &C are used correctly by the property holder key “A” and any keys cut from it are effectively disabled and can never be used in this steel door.

Our high security steel doors offer optimum security for peace of mind and are made to the highest standards. They suit all kinds of applications such as office doors, garage doors and warehouse doors.

We also offer fire exit steel doors with panic hardware whilst still keeping your premises secure.

These security doors and fire exit doors are perfect for securing your premises. 

We also offer security rated panic hardware as above installation for Travis Perkins.

Surrounding protection plates offer that extra bit of security on vulnerable doors.